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Rohit Gosain, MD

Rohit is the Medical Director of Hematology and Oncology at the Roswell Park Care Network in Southtowns - a community oncologist who sees benign and malignant hematology, along with solid tumors. He offers his community-leading expertise in oncology as one of the Oncology Brothers. His insight contributes towards groundbreaking advancements in cancer treatments and technologies that facilitate medical learning. He has contributed and reviewed several medical publications while pioneering technologies that enable medical students to learn more efficiently. His combined expertise in medical technologies and oncology began with his studies in computer engineering.

He laid the groundwork as he joined the University of Waterloo after receiving the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship for Outstanding Performance. He completed his Computer Engineering with Management Sciences degree in 2008 where he was also awarded the Hira & Kamal Ahuja Engineering Award. Post-graduation, he took a deep dive into the technology sector as a Team Lead Software Consultant at Infusion.

During his successful year at the company, he simultaneously served with the Toronto Arthritis Community as a volunteer worker, spreading awareness about the disease and assisting patients with daily tasks. Here, he gained a profound interest in medicine and decided to pursue education in the field.

Dr. Rohit Gosain attended the Saba University School of Medicine and graduated with a Doctor of Medicine in 2014, before beginning his residency at the Sinai Hospital of Baltimore/Johns Hopkins University. His passion for technology didn’t fade while kickstarting his medical career, fusing his engineering experience with education in his venture, Learn from Apps. Learn From Apps has been a medical learning portal combining education tools in one location. Rohit completed his residency in 2017 with an Outstanding Intern of the Year Award and accepted a fellowship position at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University at Buffalo in Medical Oncology and Hematology.

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During his fellowship, he offered academic and practical insight as a reviewer and contributor in several world-renowned oncology journals, including the American Journal of Clinical Oncology. His regular contributions highlighted his expertise as a leading oncologist. He has now become a valued member of UPMC Hillman Cancer Center.

Today, Dr. Rohit Gosain and his brother continue to make a name for themselves as the Oncology Brothers while they strive to do better everyday for their patients. He garners a unique perspective, fusing interests in medical technology and their profession to pave the future of oncology and hematology. Rohit’s experience as an engineer and leading oncologist consistently finds prominence amongst the medical community.

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