Polatuzumab FDA Approval in DLBCL (POLARIX) & SWOG S1826 Nivo vs. BV in Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

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Discussing two important lymphoma studies, POLARIX which led to the approval of Polatuzumab in DLBCL patients and SWOG S1826 comparing Nivolumab vs. BV with AVD in Hodgkin’s Lymphoma patients with Dr. Jonathan Friedberg. In discussion with the lead author, Dr. Jonathan Friedberg – Director of Wilmot Cancer Institute, Professor of Medicine at University of Rochester Medical Center, and Editor-in-Chief at Journal of Clinical Oncology (JCO).

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Dr. Rahul

Dr. Rahul is a Chief of Medical Oncology, making up one-half of the ‘Oncology Brothers.’ He is a valued member of the Guthrie Corning Cancer Center, contributing his extensive knowledge of technology